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Pain free • Balanced • Thriving

I help you to recover from injuries, chronic pain & manage high stress levels.
Together we build resilience for your career success & personal well-being so that you can live a life you always wanted.

Always pushing through?

I have been there too.

Having been born with skis on my feet and being an athlete my entire life, I got to experience the hard way that the go-go-go & no-pain-no-gain mentality isn’t what let me thrive.

I got injured several times as I pushed myself too hard.

Back then, I thought:

‘I just need to optimize myself’,
‘I need to get stronger’,
‘It will only take a little more effort’.

But all that wasn’t true!

I just didn’t communicate effectively with my body.

Truly Understand Your Body & Gain Resilience.
Then you can achieve everything.


I am Michi

Rehabilitation coach,
yoga teacher & athlete.
📍 Based in Lisbon.


As a Sports Scientist specializing in Medical Exercise Therapy, MSc I’ve been training people for over 13 years, and I’ve witnessed the transformative power of movement in various aspects of life, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

During my 3 years at a private rehab clinic, I helped patients in recovering from neurological and orthopedic traumas and diseases, guiding them toward regaining their strength, stamina and overall health.

I am convinced movement changes live.
And I want you to experience it too.

I’m here to guide you on your journey to personal wellbeing & success.

In-person in Lisbon & online everywhere.

  • Sport Scientist (MSc) spez. Medical Exercise Therapy
  • Study of Neurocentric Training, Z-Health
  • Neuro Training Mentorship, Next Level Neuro
  • Certified Yoga Teacher 200h + Yoga Personal Teacher 100h, Inside Yoga
  • +Trainings in Yoga with Young Ho Kim, Matt Giordano, Alexey Gaevskji.
  • Certified Fitness & Athletic Personal Trainer

Find out how to build a more resilient you:

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The human body is wired for movement!

I have always sought out ways to master the human body & mind, to facilitate personal growth, and help clients reach their full potential.

The discovery of Applied Neuroscience and Neurocentric Training was a turning point for me, it filled all the gaps and answered all the questions I had. I understood that I wasn’t stuck at my perceived ‘weakness’, I just needed a neurocentric approach to reach the next level.

Which means, seeing the brain & the nervous system as the governor changed the way I work, think & engage completely in a holistic way.

“Applied Neuroscience is the science of hope.” (Kathy Mauk)

…and I can confirm this. I’ve seen it in my clients and in myself many times.

Since I entered the world of Applied Neuroscience I’ve experienced a significant boost in performancepersonal well-being & overall health.

Neurocentric Training is the holistic approach I’ve always been searching for, and it has allowed me to connect all the dots, achieving faster and better results for my clients.

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.”
– Jon Kabat-Zinn

I am a seeker

With my curiosity for various types of movement practices, I explored the world of yoga and the eastern practices and which led me to become a yoga teacher in 2019.

Yoga is a beautiful way to create awareness, reconnect with the body and calm the mind.

I teach a progressive type of yoga based on the current state of science with healthy alignment, breath work & of course: FUN.

My Yoga integrates all my knowledge of working with the body I’ve gathered over 13 years of training individuals from all walks of life.

I’m your best motivator & also your brake pedal at the right time.

Life happens and you’d better be prepared

Movement and in particular meditation, helped me overcome the most significant loss in my life – losing my father.

I used to think:
Ah I don’t need those calming practices.’
I am stronger than that’.

Now, I am glad that I gave it a try, even during my darkest times.

It helped me come back home to myself & rebuild trust in life.

Life happens and you’d better be prepared

Movement and in particular meditation, helped me overcome the most significant loss in my life – losing my father.

I used to think:
Ah I don’t need those calming practices.’
I am stronger than that’.

Now, I am glad that I gave it a try, even during my darkest times.

It helped me come back home to myself & rebuild trust in life.

May I introduce you: Nala, my best coworker. She is always making sure that I don’t forget to take breaks myself.

When I am not coaching, you can find me for sure somewhere in nature… Hiking with my dog, surfing those waves or playing Ultimate Frisbee in the sand.


Work with me


1:1 Training Sessions
& VIP Coaching

  • Rehab from injury 
  • Eliminate chronic pain
  • Relieve stress
  • Build resilience 
  • Long Covid Recovery

Group Classes

  • Yoga
  • Mobility
  • Strength
  • Breathwork
  • Balance

Corporate Wellness

  • Mat Yoga & Desk flows
  • Stress Relief
  • Team building events
  • Business Retreats
  • Workshops

What clients say


"What makes Michi's program unique for me is the well-balanced combination of mental relaxation and physical movement, both efficiently brought to the point. With just a few minutes of effort, I was able to establish a daily routine that not only clears my mind but also relieves tension in my back."


European Patent Attorney


"She helped me deal with stressful situations, especially at work. With small exercises, you can regain focus, and you learn strategies to balance everyday life and family. I highly recommend!"


Lead Engineer


"Those short exercises helped me break free from the daily grind & practice more mindfulness. The changing focus of the exercises provides variety, and the flows really got me sweating – I liked it. She helped me establish a new routine. The breathing techniques not only relaxed me, but also helped me put my little daughter to bed in the evenings. Thank you, Michi, for the fantastic course and your motivating approach."



1:1 Coaching & private classes

Elevate your
health & well-being

for High Achievers

1:1 Coaching & private classes

Elevate your health & well-being

for Health High Achievers

Are you constantly feeling stressed out, chronic pain OR are you an always injured athlete?



I will create the best plan to suit your specific needs & so that you leave each session feeling stronger and with a specific plan to reach the next level.

Experience the energy of a motivating group training

GROUP CLASSES open/private

There are open group classes outdoors as well as weekend experiences at the beach along the year. 

Yoga • Mobility • Strength • Breathwork • Balance

Private Group classes on request. In-person in Lisbon & online everywhere.

You can't afford to look away!

Your employees physical & mental health matters!

Corporate Wellness Program

  • Boost Productivity
  • Decrease Turnover Rates
  • Maximize Revenue
  • Avoid Burnout

by putting your employees’ physical & mental health first.

This is a sciene packed approach for a holistic Corporate Wellness Program. It is designed to align with your organization’s unique culture and team dynamics.

Office Flow

Desk flows or mat training

Mindfulness & Breathwork

Get focused and release stress

Workshops & Coaching

Focus, Stress, Chronic pain,…

Retreats & Teambuilding

Build team spirit
create connections

Let’s create a customized program tailored to your company’s needs.

What clients say


"Michi encouraged me to look at the process positively and realistically. With her various and extensive qualifications, she truly addresses every aspect of the biopsychosocial triangle. I now enjoy restful sleep, have increased my resilience to stress, and have learned to listen to my body's limits. Michi has equipped me with invaluable tools for an athletic lifestyle."


Athlete & Music Therapist


"I really liked that the individual exercises are short and can be done virtually anywhere. Michi explains everything clearly & the purpose of all exercises. I found it beautiful that with such simple exercises, you learn a lot about yourself. The exercises immediately feel good and are wonderfully relaxing in between. All in all, a great overall package."


Physicist & Illustrator


"The course helped me become more conscious of myself and create mindfulness. Short sessions that I could easily incorporate into my daily life. With Michi’s help I developed a routine, and it's made easy to build it. Absolutely participate."



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